Where & How to Buy Weeds Seeds

There are many factors to consider when purchasing weeds seeds for home cultivation. One of the biggest factors when purchasing seeds is to consider the quality of product. "Never buy a deal that is too good to be true from a unknown seed bank or a person without a web-shop. If you do, there is a chance that you will receive seeds of poor quality and in the worst case no seeds at all." If you are serious about growing weed this is a great guide to follow to help start you on the right track. 

Where to buy weed seeds? | Weedseedsexpress.com

With this checklist you can simply determine if a cannabis seed bank is reliable, whether additional costs are charged and whether you can order discreetly.nl

MSS to a PO box costs
Yes (5.50 euro)
Yes (22.50 euro)

Free re-shipment in case an order doesn’t arrive

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